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Do You Know Why Aviation is an Ideal Choice to Have a Great Career?

The Aviation industry truly offers the most promising careers for many aspiring students in the country. The diverse options that form an integral part of the available opportunities help students get into technical and managerial positions of the industry.

The MBA in Airline and Airport Management program from Remo International College can ignite the right spark in you and put you on an amazing career path!

Our Curriculum

As our program is an advanced program formulated as per the standards of the Indian Civil Aviation industry, the curriculum lays emphasis on catering to the requirements in the job market of the growing Aviation industry. The highlight of this program is that it is offered only by select universities in the country.

Accreditation Details

Remo International College of Aviation offers the MBA in Airline and Airport Management program, in collaboration with University.

Our Program

Our two-year program is for those who are desirous of a career in the Aviation sector, and interested in acquiring the practical knowledge to get hired in the Airline and Aviation sector. The list of career options includes Airport Management, Administering Airport Operations, Planning of Airports and Airport Cargo Management.

Our two-year program opens new vistas for individuals and entitles them to pursue a long-term career in Airline and Airport Management. It makes them knowledgeable and helps them acquire the specific skills needed to succeed in the Aviation industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have successfully passed and attained any Bachelor Degree, and secured good grades or marks can join the MBA in Airline and Airport Management program.

Career Opportunities

Our MBA program serves as a gateway to enter and serve the Aviation under different capacities such as Aviation Security Manager, Customer Support Manager, Cargo Handling Manager, Customer Service Manager, Customer Relationship Manager and Revenue Manager.

Benefits of joining the MBA Aviation in chennai at Remo International College

Our program enables students to-

Our Emphasis

As a distinguishing characteristic, our students are given adequate level of exposure to the following:
We provide real life training and hands on experience to students during various functions organized at Airports. This has been possible, owing to the fact that REMO has strategic tie-ups with leading Airports and Airline companies both in India and also abroad.
There are several factors that impact the management and operation of international and regional carriers. We make students aware of the problems associated with financing Airline operations and highlight the marketing strategies adopted by Airline businesses. Students also get to explore the interdependence of Airlines, Aircraft manufacturers and Airport authorities on each other.
The main operational procedures for handling air cargo and passenger throughput in Airport terminals are presented in this module. Here, we also explore how physical characteristics impose constraints on aircrafts, the services provided to airlines, passengers in the terminal buildings, and air cargo companies. Students will be introduced to the design and management problems related to these facilities.
The main focus is to introduce students to the theories and practice of strategic planning & management, and explore the application of business strategy principles to the Aviation industry with specific reference to the current scenario.

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In Remo International College we Encourage Students to Participate in Extra-Curricular Activates such as Industry exposure, Cultural events, Student clubs, art, music, dance, and more to develop a holistic personality and extraordinary confidence among students.
Remo International College is one of the best aviation colleges in Chennai that offers Aviation courses with consistent placement track record in domestic and international airline and aviation companies.
In Remo International College we offer Live Internship Program for Students to give them practical exposure, implant training, industrial visits etc. to help their Career.
To enroll with Remo International College, please fill out the enquiry form and our experts will guide you through the admission process.

If you are looking for real-life industry training and 100% Placement assistance then Remo International College of Aviation is the best MBA Airline College in Chennai and Airport Management College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that offers airline and airport management courses. If you are interested then enroll in our airport management diploma program.

The Remo International College offers the best MBA Airline and Airport Management course in Chennai and provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the airline industry. Students also have the opportunity to participate in practical exercises, such as mock boarding and deplaning, and to receive hands-on training in a real airline environment.

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